Women Winning @ Work Podcast with Barkha Herman
Conversation with Sara Fuerst
August 16, 2022
Meet Sara Fuerst, CTO of BeHerVillage. Join us for her exciting story from a young Computer Engineering student, to her first job to her journey in Entrepreneurship, to a CTO. Another inspiring story of inspiring women in technology.
In this Episode:

Getting my first computer as a kid.
Lack of tech / STEM programs in the all-girls school
Learning to use a computer and then code.
Choosing Computer Engineering Major.
Women in Engineering Program.
Interning, and then first job.
Dealing with Toxic environment at work.
Going it alone - starting my own company.
Collaborating, starting BeHerVillage.
From entrepreneur to CTO.
Challenges of being a young woman in Tech.
Finding my community.
Message for young grads.

Sara's LinkedIn: Sara (Tibbetts) Fuerst | LinkedIn
Sara's Company: Be Her Village

Barkha's LinkedIn: Barkha Herman | LinkedIn

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