Women Winning @ Work Podcast with Barkha Herman
Conversation with Vitoria Rojas
January 18, 2022
Meet Vitoria Rojas - first-generation immigrant, Neuroscience Grad, Software Engineer, instructor, and Woman in Technology. Join us for her inspirational story from Brazil to South Florida, from Medicine to Tech, and from challenging beginnings to Woman Leader.
In this episode:
Vitoria Rojas is a Software Engineer and Assistance Instructor at Boca Code.
Immigrating at the age of 9 without speaking the language.
Volunteering, church, and assimilating to life in the United States.
Wanting to be a Doctor.
Graduating with a degree in Neuroscience.
Job search during COVID-19.
Coding Bootcamp.
Mental health awareness and triumph.
Working and volunteering.
Advice to others.

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