Women Winning @ Work Podcast with Barkha Herman
Conversation with Sharmin Ali
May 27, 2022
Meet Sharmin Ali - Engineer, two-time founder, author, and current CEO of Instoried. Join us for her journey from surviving childhood challenges, to education, to career, to startups. This is another amazing and inspiring conversation - so much to learn from Sharmin!
In this Episode:

Origin Story - from a "lost soul" to Engineering to Data Analytics to making Art to Instoried.
Importance of being an empathetic rebel,  living through self-esteem issues.
Surviving two near-death experiences under 13 years of age.
Poor Parenting and Therapy.
Starting Instoried, getting over bad relationships, creating her own way.
Being responsible for a Company and the lives of others.
On being vegetarian and the importance of climate change and being responsible.
Advise for a younger Sharmin.

Sharmins' Company: Sentiment Analysis, Plagiarism Checker & AI Content Writing Tool (instoried.com)
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